Accessibility & disability


Commitment and actions for disability in the ESSEC Group

The ESSEC Group's development has been based on humanism, responsibility, diversity, innovation and excellence. It has been committed to a new approach since 2008 for:
• the integration of disabled persons as students in initial training, participants in permanent training, professors and employees;
• the accessibility of campuses and the activities taking place there (premises, facilities, services, classes, entrance exams, Internet sites, events, accommodation…);
• taking account of the different types of disability within training programs in order to raise awareness and reinforce the responsibility of future managers and directors.

Disability, source of innovation and performance

To find out more, you can find the following at http://handicap.essec.edu (in French):

  • News and history of disabled actions from the ESSEC Group!
  • Views from disabled or committed students, graduates and employees
  • The organisation and the main personalities in the disabled action program in the ESSEC Group and studen associations
  • Learning and research in association with disability
  • ESSEC to training and employment of disabled persons

The ESSEC Group and Disability

Do you want to be part of the ESSEC Group to:
• Study
• Work

Do you want to develop disabled partnerships with the ESSEC Group?
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In line with its commitments, the ESSEC Group is progressively improving accessibility to its premises, classes, examinations, events, accommodation…

Accessibility of the Executive Education Campus in Paris - La Défense

Focus on accessibility of the Internet site www.essec.edu

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